Charity Cup Competition Rules and Regulations:

1. Nomenclature and Constitution
a ) This Competition shall be called the 'Southend Sunday Charity Football Competition' and shall be open to Teams competing in the Southend Sunday Football League. The Competition shall be conducted and, if necessary, divided into sections at the discretion of the Management Committee.

2. Entrance Fee
a ) The entrance fee shall be £10 per Team, payable on 1st August each year.

3. Withdrawal from the Competition
a ) Any Club withdrawing a Team or Teams from the Competition after the draw has been made shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee.

4. Management and Officers
a ) The Competition shall be managed by the Management Committee of the Southend Sunday Football League whose Officers shall be the Officers of this Competition.
b ) No salary or honorarium shall be paid to any Official connected with this Competition.

5. Players
a ) All Players of the Club shall be registered with the Southend Sunday Football League for such Club in the current season in accordance with the Rules of the League.
b ) Except by special permission of the Management Committee, a Player shall not play in any semi-final or final tie unless he has played for the Club/Team he represents in a previous round of this Competition or in three other Matches for the Club/Team under the jurisdiction of the Southend Sunday Football League in the current season. All Clubs participating in semi-final or final ties must submit a list of their Players who may participate in these ties to the Registration Secretary no later than the Tuesday prior to the scheduled match in order that the eligibility of the Players may be confirmed. Clubs progressing from semi-final to final ties are required to submit a further list in relation to the final tie. Clubs must contact the Registration Secretary no later than the Friday preceding the scheduled match to obtain confirmation that the listed Players are eligible to play, . Clubs in default shall be fined £5 for each offence.
c ) A Player, having played for a Club in any Section of the Competition, shall not, in the same season, play for another Club in any Section of the Competition.
d ) A Player, having taken part in a Match in the Competition being either a round or final tie, shall not take part in a lower Section of the Competition except by special permission of the Management Committee. The qualification of Players under Rule 8 of the Southend Sunday Football League shall also apply to this Competition.
e ) In the event of a Club playing an ineligible Player, the Management Committee shall have the power to strike the offending Club out of the Competition, in which case the match shall be awarded to its opponents, inflict a fine, order the game to be replayed or make any order as to costs and expenses and deal with the matter at their complete discretion.

6. Referees and Assistant Referees
a ) Referees and Assistant Referees shall be appointed as in Southend Sunday Football League games but the Fees of the Match Officials, which shall be the same as in League games, shall be paid equally by the competing Clubs. For the Final Ties, the Management Committee shall appoint the Referee and Assistant Referees and the Competition shall be responsible for their Fees or presenting mementoes in lieu. In all Matches to which a Referee has been appointed by the Competition up to and including the semi-final round, participating Clubs shall supply a competent Club Assistant Referee. Failure to do so shall result in the Club being Fined £10.

7. Matches
a ) The Management Committee shall make the draw for the various rounds and shall fix the dates and grounds upon which the ties, including replayed ties, shall be played. The time of kick-off shall be the same as that for Southend Sunday Football League games. In the event of the Teams being level at the expiration of ordinary time, extra time of not more than fifteen minutes and not less that ten minutes each way shall be played. In the event of scores being level at the end of extra time, the tie shall be decided with penalty kicks in accordance with the decision of FIFA. In the event of games being played mid-week and the scores being level at the expiration of ordinary time, no extra time shall be played and the tie shall be decided on penalty kicks as aforementioned. The Management Committee shall make arrangements for the Final Ties, take all receipts and pay all ground and advertising expenses.

8. Awards
a ) The finalists shall receive awards, funds of the Competition permitting. No Player who has been sent off in the Final Tie shall receive an award on the day of the Final and the question of whether or not he will receive an award will be decided by the Management Committee after the matter has been dealt with by Essex County FA.

9. Receipts and Donations
a ) Each Club shall pay £10 for each Team entered as a total donation to the Competition irrespective of how many rounds in which each Team plays. This donation will be included in the Pre-Season Account which is payable on 1st August.
b ) The profits arising from the Competition shall be donated to charities, the Benevolent Fund of the Essex County Football Association or any benevolent institution or fund that the Management Committee may determine.

10. Southend Sunday League Rules to Apply
a ) With the foregoing exceptions, the Rules of the Southend Sunday Football League shall, where applicable, govern this Competition.