Fees and Fines Tariff:

Fees Tariffs

Rule Description Fee
3 (a) Entry fee £10
3 (b) Annual Subscription (per Team)
League Cup (per Team)
Charity Cup & Donation (per Team)
3 (c) Deposit (per club) £100
8 (e) Registration Form (per player) £3
8 (i) Transfer Form (per player) £2.50
13 (e) Referee Fee (max. £35 inclusive)
Assistant Referee Fee (max. £20 inclusive)
Expenses rate
Double headers - Referee Fee
15 (c) Protest / Appeal Fees £25

Fines Tariffs

Rule Description Fine
2 (f) Unauthorised entry into other Competitions Discretionary
3 (e) Failure to provide affiliation number/details form £5
5 (h) Failure to comply with an instruction of the Management Commmittee Discretionary
5 (i) Failure to pay a fine within 21 days of notice £50 (max)
6 (h) Failure to be represented at AGM £20
7 Failure to submit the required written agreement or to notify changes to signatories Discretionary
8 (a) (ii) Failure to have the requried number of registered players prior to the season commencing Discretionary
8 (g) Signing or playing for multiple clubs, or inaccurate completion of a registration form Discretionary
8 (h) (ii) Registration irregularities Discretionary
8 (o) Playing an ineligible player Discretionary
9 (a) Delaying kick off by not having change of colours £5
9 (b) Failure to obtain consent for a change of club name Discretionary
10 (b) Late kick off
No nets or corner flags
Not providing suitable balls
£5 (max)
10 (d) Failure to provide details of fixture £5
10 (f) (i) Failure to keep engagement Discretionary
10 (f) (ii) Failure to observe procedence £5 (max)
10 (f) (iii) Failure to notify postponement Discretionary
10 (i) Not identifying a team captain Discretionary
10 (j) Late completion of team sheet £5
11 (a) Late result sheet £5
11 (b) Failure to provide result Discretionary
11 (c) Incorrect result sheet £5
13 (c) Failure to provde club assistant referee £10
13 (e) Failure to pay match officials' fee and expenses £10
13 (f) Failure to pay match officials where a match is not played Discretionary
13 (h) Failure to provide referee's mark
Failure to provide report on referee
14 (a) Withdrawl from League after 31st March £5 (max)
14 (b) Failure to start / complete fixtures £50 (max)
18 (a) Failure to return trophy
Failure to return trophy in a clean state
19 Failure to attend Special General Meeting £10