Management Committee Policy Decisions:

1. General Provisions
A ) The area from which Competition Membership is accepted shall be such that all grounds are within the districts covered by the SS0 to SS16 Postcodes. Member Clubs may agree to accept Clubs who play outside this area when considering the election of such Clubs at the Annual General Meeting.
B ) When a Club has failed to comply with the same Rule on two (2) occasions during the course of a season further breaches of the same Rule in the same season may result in the Fine for that Rule being doubled. This provision will not apply to breaches of Rule 23(C).
C ) Competition Subscriptions and Cup Fees [Rule 4]
Subscriptions and Fees are due upon conclusion of the Annual General Meeting [Rule 4(B)] and must be paid by no later than 1st September or such date that is shown on the Pre-Season Account. Failure to pay will result in the Club being excluded from the Competition and any Fixtures scheduled during the period of non-payment being treated as unfulfilled in accordance with the provisions of Rule 20(F).

2. Specific Provisions
D ) Player Registrations [Rule 18(B)]

(i) Player Registers are supplied free of charge and can be downloaded from the Competition Website ( or by post from the Registration Secretary. Clubs are required to register a minimum of twelve (12) players for each Team by no later than 1st September. Failure to register Players by this deadline may result in Fixtures being treated as unfulfilled under the provisions of Rule 20(E).

(ii) During the course of the season, Registration via the Whole Game System must be received by the Registration Secretary no later than 7pm on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday that the Player is required to be eligible to play.

(iv) The signing of the Players Register by the Player and Club Official signifies that the Player has discharged his financial responsibilities to his previous Club(s) under the requirements of Rule 18(C). Clubs may submit details of Players with qualifying Debts to Essex County F.A. who will place the Player under suspension until the debt is cleared. The Registration Secretary will check the Essex County F.A. Debtors List when processing Registrations and the Registration will not be accepted until any suspension imposed by Essex County F.A. has been lifted.
If the Competition become aware that a Player, seeking registration or transfer to a Club in the Competition, has debts owed to a Club or Clubs with which the Player was previously registered, the Competition shall charge the Player under Rule 18(G)(iii). If the charge is found proven, the Competition shall have the right to cancel or suspend the Player's registration under the provision of Rule 18(G)(ii).

(v) Except by special permission of the Management Committee, the last day for registration shall be the last day of February. In the event of the last day of February falling on a Saturday or Sunday, the last Friday of February shall be deemed the last day.
E ) Player Transfers [Rule 18(H)]

Subject to compliance with FA Rule C2(a) when a Club wishes to register a player who is already registered with another Club it shall submit a transfer via the Whole Game System Such transfer shall be referred by the system to the Club for which the player is registered. Should this Club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the Competition and to the player concerned within three days of receipt of the notification. Upon receipt of the Club's consent, or once the 7 day notice of approach timescale has completed, the system shall transfer the player who shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club from such date.
In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for a decision.
F ) Eligibility of Players for League Cup and Charity Cup Competitions

The eligibility of Players participating in these Competitions shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Cup Rule 5 which are provided on the league website.
G ) Fixtures for League Competition and Cup Competitions

(i) The Fixtures Secretary will issue a Fixture List covering a designated period with Matches allocated on a Home & Away basis. Clubs wishing not to be allocated a Fixture on a given date must give at least four (4) weeks’ notice to the Fixtures Secretary. The granting of a Free Sunday (no game), if such is possible under the constraints of the League Fixture Programme, will be limited to one in any Season. A Free Sunday will not be granted for a date for which Fixtures have already been issued. [Rule 20(B)].

(ii) The Home Club must confirm the Fixture by telephone, text or email with the Away Club and the appointed Referee on the Monday prior to the date of the Fixture. If the Away Club or Referee does not received confirmation they must contact the Home Club and then advise the Competition Secretary accordingly. [Rule 20(C)].

(iii) In the event of a postponement of the Fixture, the Club withdrawing from the Fixture must advise their opponents, the Referee, the Fixtures Secretary and the Referees Secretary immediately they are aware that the game will not be played. [Rule 20(E) (iii)].
Both Teams are required to respond to the Full-Time Text that will request a Result on the original match day with the reply P-P. The Club withdrawing from the fixture must provide a written explanation for the postponement that must be sent to the Competition Secretary immediately the Club is aware that they will be unable to fulfil the fixture.
H ) Match Day Procedures

(i) Each Club must take their Whole Game System (WGS) Squad List for those Players who may participate in a Match to every game including those games played in the Essex County Cup or Trophy Competitions. [Rule 18(Q)&(R)].

(ii) Each Club must respond to the Full-Time Text that will be received by their nominated members giving the Result in the format of 2-1 or 1-2 or 0-0 [Rule 21(B)].
I ) Match Records

(i) Each Club must submit their Match Record using the F.A. Whole Game System by no later than the Wednesday immediately after the day of the Match. [Rule 21(A)].

(ii) The Match Record submitted for any Fixture will be deemed to be the definitive presentation. Any discrepancies arising regarding Player eligibility will be decided by the Management Committee on the information submitted on the Match Record.

(iii) If a Match is abandoned, the Match Record must be submitted showing the score at the time of the abandonment.
J ) Change of Club Colours [Rule 9(B)]

Clubs must seek confirmation of the acceptability of proposed new Club Colours from the Management Committee prior to ordering new kit.
K ) Club Assistant Referees [Rule 23(C)]

In Matches to which a Registered Referee is appointed (or if so requested by the volunteer official) each Club must provide a competent Assistant Referee. The Referee must include the name of the Club Assistant Referees on his Result Report Form and award a mark (0/10) reflecting their competence.
L ) Referees Match Fees [Rule 23(E)]

Registered Referees appointed by the Competition shall receive a Fee, inclusive of all expenses, of £35. The Fee for a “double-header” is £45. The Home Club must pay the Referee immediately after the conclusion of the Match.
M ) Awarding marks to the Referee [Rule 23(H)]

A club awarding the referee a mark of 40 (out of 100) or less shall provide the competition secretary with a report into who this mark was scored. Clubs shall refer to the “Guide of marking referees” as detailed on the League website for further details.
N ) The Management Committee shall seek to maintain a balance in the number of Teams in each Division in order to provide whenever possible a sufficient number of Matches during the course of the Season to enable Clubs to secure a level of income to meet their expenses. This may be achieved by Clubs accepting voluntary promotion to a higher Division after the Constitution is agreed at the Annual General Meeting and before the commencement of the Season. [Rule 22(B)(ii)(b)].
O ) The Management Committee may, subject to the finances of the Competition permitting, make awards as follows;

(i) Current Officers and other members of the Management Committee, having served on the Committee for a minimum of three years, may each be awarded a Competition Tie. Ladies, so qualifying, may be presented with a similar suitable award.

(ii) Current Officers, other members of the Management Committee and Club Secretaries who have given the Competition good service and support for a minimum of fifteen years in any, or a combination of any, of those capacities may be awarded a Competition Tankard. Ladies, so qualifying, may be presented with a similar suitable award.

(iii) Players who have represented the Competition on at least five occasions, dating from September 1989, may each be awarded Competition Ties.
P ) Fees and Fines Tariff

Annual subscription to be £0 for any club with 5 years membership.