Standing Orders:

1. Officers, Executive Members and Delegates attending any meeting shall sign the attendance register.
2. All voting to be by voting cards unless in the opinion of the Chairman, or the majority of the meeting, a ballot should be taken. Except where otherwise specifically stated, the voting shall be decided by a simple majority.
3. In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
4. That the proposer of a motion be allowed five minutes for his speech and the seconder, and all succeeding speakers, be allowed three minutes.
5. Any member seconding a motion or amendment without remark shall not be considered to have spoken.
6. Whenever an amendment is made upon any motion, no second amendment shall be taken into consideration until the first amendment is disposed of. If that amendment be carried, it shall then be put as a substantive motion upon which a further amendment may be moved. If the amendment be negated, then a further amendment may be moved to the original motion, but only one amendment shall be submitted for discussion at any one time.
7. That the decision of the Chairman on any point shall be binding upon the meeting but, upon notice being given at such meeting, it may be called in question at the next meeting and rescinded by two-thirds of those present and voting.
8. The Chairman shall, at his discretion or upon request, submit to the meeting any question as to the eligibility of delegates to vote upon, or be present at, the discussion of any matter with which they personally, or their clubs, are concerned.
9. If the Chairman at any meeting shall be of opinion that any motion proposed to be made thereat is of an objectionable character, it shall be competent for him, either before or after the same is brought forward, to put it to the vote (on which no discussion shall be allowed) whether the same be entertained or not, and if two-thirds of the members present decide not to entertain such motion, the same shall be considered as disposed of.
10. That no member be permitted to speak more than once on the same proposition except the proposer, who shall have the right to reply. Upon the Chairman rising to speak, all other members must resume their seats.
11. That any question may be closed by a resolution 'That the question be now put' being moved, seconded and carried, such resolution to be submitted without debate.
12. Any standing order may be suspended upon motion to that effect, provided such motion be duly seconded and carried by two-thirds of those present and voting.
13. (a) A resolution shall not be rescinded at the meeting of the Council at which it is passed unless such rescission is carried by three-fourths of those present and voting.
(b) A resolution adopted at any meeting shall be rescinded by a majority of those present and voting at any subsequent meeting during the current season.