Reminders & Useful Information:
Last Update - August 2018

The following notes are intended only as guidance and should be read in conjunction with the Competition Rules and Policy Decisions contained in the official League Handbook.

Club Secretaries
A "heads up" of what you will need to deal with prior to and during the course of the Season.
Joining the League
Clubs that are current members of the Competition are required to submit their Statement of Intent to continue in membership to the Secretary by no later than 30th April. Applications by New Clubs wishing to join the Competition will be considered after this date up to the AGM.
Pitch Hire
If you intend to hire a pitch from one of the local councils they normally require applications to be made soon after the end of the season and certainly by no later than the end of May. Local councils normally notify pitch allocations at the end of June. If you are approaching a private hirer such as a School they may work to different time scales so the early approach is still the best.
County Affliation [Rule 2(g)]
The Competition is only permitted to admit Clubs who are affiliated to Essex County Football Association. The deadline for affiliation is 1st July and evidence of affiliation must be sent to the Competition Secretary by no later than 8th July.

Late affiliation will result in an additional fee being charged by Essex County F.A. and your Club being excluded from the County Cup and Trophy Competitions.
Player Registration [Rule 18]
The Competition operates Player Registrations via the Whole Game System.
As part of the registration process you will need to fill in a player register. You will find a blank copy of the player register in the useful documents on the website. When adding your players to WGS you must also load good quality photos.
The Competition is not permitted to register Players under the age of 16 years or after the last day of February.
Existing Registered Players may be transferred to another Club in the Competition during the course of the season.
Club Deposits, League and Cup Fees
The Competition Treasurer will issue a Pre-Season Account that will comprise:
New Club Deposit (if applicable), League & Cup Fees, Charity Cup Donation and Player Registrations – 15 for each team.
The Pre-Season Account is due on 1st August and must be paid by 1st September (or by such other date indicated on the account).
The Treasurer will issue an End of Season Account during April that will include the charge for any Players that have been registered during the course of the season in excess of the initial 15 that were charged for in the Pre-Season Account.
Fixtures and Pre-Match Procedures
The Fixtures Secretary will issue a Fixtures List that will schedule matches on a Home and Away basis subject to the availability of your pitch. The Home Club must contact their opponents on the Monday prior to the game to confirm the Fixture and the location of the pitch where the game will be played. Potential clash of Club Colours must be resolved by the Away Team changing. The Home Club must also confirm the Fixture with the League Appointed Referee on Monday or agree with their opponents who will referee the game if the League has not appointed a Match Official.
Team Sheets
Clubs are required to complete the multi-part Team Sheet showing First name and Surname, in Block Capitals of participating players and substitutes. PRIOR TO THE MATCH: (BOTH TEAMS) MIDDLE COPY to your opponents, and TOP COPY to the referee at least 5 minutes before the scheduled kick-off. This Team Sheet shall also show the name of the referee. Defaulting Clubs shall be reported and shall be fined for each separate offence. (Note: BOTTOM COPY is for your records). If you do not have a team sheet available you can download a blank copy from the useful documents section on the website.
Match Results
Each Club is required to notify the results of every game including County Cup and Trophy games, through the F.A. Full-Time System, immediately after the match.

In addition, each Club must complete a Match Record using the F.A. Full Time System. You must complete a Match Record for County Cup or Trophy games in addition to the result notification required by County.

The Match Result Sheet must be completed in full showing the forename and surname of each Player who participated in the Match and the name of the Referee (either the League appointed or the volunteer who refereed the game) with an allocation of marks as indicated in Rule 23.

Any disputes over player eligibility must follow the procedure outlined under the Rules.
Match Postponements
In the event that a scheduled Fixture is postponed due to adverse weather or some other cause, the Club responsible for the postponement must immediately inform the Fixtures Secretary, the Referees Secretary (whether or not a League Referee was allocated) and the Secretary of the opposing Club. Each club must respond to the F.A. Full-Time Text Message on the day the match would have been played by replying P-P. If the postponement is due to the inability of one Club to fulfil the fixture, that Club must provide a written explanation to the Competition Secretary as soon as it is known that the match will not take place.
Inclement Weather
Each Club must obtain details from their Pitch Provider as to whom they may contact in the event that a pitch may be withdrawn due to adverse weather. The Home Club must contact their Provider within the notified times and then if the pitch has been withdrawn, immediately contact their opponents and the other officials detailed under Match Postponements. In the event that the Pitch Provider has not withdrawn the pitch then both teams must attend the ground and the game should be played unless in the opinion of the Referee it would be unsafe to play. Any game postponed other than by the Pitch Provider or the Referee may be considered an unfulfilled fixture and dealt with by the Management Committee accordingly.
Southend Council Grounds - Pitch inspections are carried out on Sunday mornings and the Home Club must contact the allocated number after 9.00 am to establish if the game can be played.
Castle Point Grounds - Pitch inspections are carried out on Friday mornings and the Home Club must contact the allocated number between 12 noon and 4.30 pm to establish if the game can be played. There is also a website available to check or availability.
Rochford District Grounds - Pitch inspections are carried out on Friday mornings and the Home Club must contact the allocated number between 12 noon and 3.30 pm to establish if the game can be played. There is also a website available to check or availability.
Private Gounds - Clubs must follow the procedures required by their Pitch Providers.
Breach of Rules
In the event of a Club being found in breach of the Rules and a Fine is issued, the amount due must be paid to the Treasurer by no later than the date indicated on the Fine Invoice. If the breach of Rules involves an unfulfilled fixture the Committee will decide whether the game can be replayed or make an award of points. In the event of an award of points the Club responsible for the unfulfilled fixture will, in addition to a Fine, have to make a contribution to their opponent’s expenses, the amount of which is detailed in the Rules. Clubs who are awarded such expenses will receive payment at the Annual General Meeting.
Club Directory
Please ensure that the information for your Club shown in the Handbook is kept up to date. You must advise the Competition Secretary of any required changes so that the information may be circulated to the other Clubs. If your Club changes Secretary during the season you must also advise Essex County F.A. and your Pitch Provider.
Trophies and Medals
Divisional and Cup Competition Trophies are presented at the end of the season. All Trophies must be returned to the Competition Secretary by no later than 31st March. The Trophy Holder is responsible for any damage that occurs during the period that the Trophy is in their possession. All engraving of Divisional Cups and Trophies will be arranged by the Competition Secretary prior to their presentation. Cup Competition trophies are presented on Finals Day. If you wish the Trophy to be engraved during the period that you hold the Trophy you must return it to the Competition Secretary by 30th June. You will be informed when it is ready for collection (approx. two weeks). The Competition present sixteen (16) Medals to Winners and Runner-ups in the Divisional and Cup Competitions. Additional Medals can be obtained and the Competition Secretary will advise the cost involved which must be paid in cash when ordering the additional Medals.
Please deal with any correspondence or communication from the Competition as soon as possible. Failure to respond to Fine Invoices or any request for a response from a Club to the Competition will result in action being taken by the Management Committee against the Club.
Please do not telephone any Officer of the Competition after 9.00 pm during the week and not at all on Sundays unless it is essential and required by the Rules

If you are uncertain about any aspect of the Rules or the procedures relating to Match Days please do not hesitate to contact the Competition Secretary or the relevant League Officer for assistance.

Match Officials
Pitch Conditions
If a pitch has not been withdrawn by the Pitch Provider, it is the decision of the Referee if the pitch is safe for the Match to proceed. The absence of Goal Nets shall not prevent a Match being played.
Match Report Sheets
Please send a fully completed Match Result Sheet to the Competition Registration Secretary within two days of the game. Please include details of any misconduct that you have reported to Essex County F.A. in order that the Management Committee may take the appropriate action.
Please keep the Referee Appointments Secretary up to date with your contact details and availability dates.
Club Assistant Referees
In Matches to which a Referee has been appointed (or if so requested by the volunteer official) each Club must provide a competent Assistant Referee. The Match Result Sheet should contain the names of the assistants and an allocation of marks as indicated by the form.
If one Club is unable to provide an assistant, it is at the discretion of the Referee if he/she uses one or opts for no assistants.

Please ensure that you arrive at the ground in good time to enable the game to start at 10.30 am. If you are responsible for a late kick-off, your Club will be fined. Be aware of the Laws of the Game. Good conduct on the pitch reflects well on your Club and contributes to everyone’s enjoyment of the game. Misconduct will be reported by the Referee to both Essex County F.A. and the Management Committee who will take what ever action they deem appropriate. Serious misconduct could result in you and/or your Club being suspended from participation in the Competition.
Help your Club to manage their administration by keeping up to date with your subscriptions and match fees. If you leave a Club, make sure you get evidence from them that you do not owe them any money. Players with outstanding debts will not be allowed to transfer to another Club in the Competition.
Changing Rooms
Make sure Changing Rooms are left in a reasonable condition when you leave after the game. Pitch Providers have and will withdraw facilities from Clubs who cause damage to the facilities. Remember, without a pitch you can’t play.
Injuries on the Pitch
If a Player sustains any injury resulting in loss of blood (no matter how small) the Player must leave the pitch for treatment provided it is safe for the Player to be moved.
Clubs should provide a person on the line who is able to give first-aid treatment and has the correct medical equipment to enable them to do so.

Player Clearance for Registration
Participating Competitions
Southend Sunday Football League, Sceptre Sunday Football League, Southend Borough & District Football Combination, Southend Borough Combination Veterans League and Basildon Sunday League.
The Participating Competitions have appointed Sheryl MacRae as Administrator. [ Email]
To assist Member Clubs of the Participating Competitions, when seeking to Register a Player, to comply with the requirements of Standard Code Rule 18(D). To discourage Players and Clubs from making false declarations on Registration Forms concerning the Player’s discharge of his liabilities to his previous Club. Standard Code Rule 18 (G)iii. To maintain a List of Players who have left Member Clubs of the Participating Competitions who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to their previous Club(s). To allow the Participating Competitions to identify Club(s), their Officers and Players who have left a Participating Competition without fulfilling their obligations in relation to Competition Subscriptions and Fines. To amalgamate Lists provided by the Participating Competitions into a central List that may be used by the Registration Secretaries of the Participating Competitions when considering requests for Player Registration.
Requirements for Inclusion
A Member Club of a Participating Competition may submit details of a Registered Player or Players who have left the Club owing money for Annual Subscription, Registration and Match Fee(s) that are outstanding and Fines that have been paid by the Club on behalf of the Player, to their Competition Secretary. The Club must write to the Player no later than 31st May or as soon as the Club becomes aware that the Player has left or intends to leave the Club advising the Player of the Debt and to what it refers. The Player must be allowed 21 days to respond and/or clear the Debt. The Club should submit their List of Players with Debts to their Competition Secretary on the prescribed form by 7th July or 28 days after advising the Player of the Debt, if the Club has not received a response from the Player. The Secretary of the Participating Competition will co-ordinate Lists received from its Member Club(s) and submit a Competition List to the Administrator by 15th July or by such later date that details have been received from the Club(s). The Member Club should also submit details of the Player(s) with Debts to Essex County Football Association for inclusion of the Player under the ECFA Players with Debts Scheme (F.A. Rules – Memorandum of Procedures for Adult Football Section 19) which will result in the Player(s) being suspended from playing football until the debt is cleared.
Clearance for Registration
A Club seeking to Register a Player whose name appears on the List must obtain confirmation from the Player’s previous Club(s) and the Administrator that the Player has discharged his financial obligation and that the Player’s name has been removed from the List. The Player may be Registered seven days after confirmation has been received from the Scheme Administrator that the debt has been cleared or on such date that may be determined by the Registration Secretary of the Participating Competition with which the Player is seeking registration.